Four cottages in this unique hamlet are available for holiday renting, all named after traditional trees: Casa da Oliveira (The Olive Tree House), Casa da Laranjeira (The Orange Tree House), Casa da Amendoeira (The Almond Tree House) and Casa da Ameixeira (The Plum Tree House). All houses have wifi, television, kitchen, fireplace and, except for Casa da Ameixeira, a private terrace. The four cottages for rent can accommodate up to 16 people, as follows:

Please note that our swimming pool is a converted irrigation cistern, which is very deep, above ground and refreshed with cool water from the borehole every night. It is not suitable for very young children or babies.

We also have three dogs on the property - two Portuguese water dogs and one stray who adopted us several years ago. They are all friendly and love visitors.

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To visit the Capela do Monte Hillside Chapel, please see our chapel page.


If you search on Google Maps, you will find the Casas da Capela.